33-34 Week Baby Update + How I Stay Feeling Good + The Best Thing I’ve Done this Pregnancy

Well, I’m actually 34 weeks now, but I wrote the majority of this post last week, and life got in the way plus I had a few days that I just didn’t feel like opening my computer, so I’m combining the two…

Emotionally: I’m feeling about 50/50 right now. At least half of me is getting pretty anxious to meet our baby boy, daydreaming about the moment The Kraze become big sisters, the moment my husband holds his son for the first time, the moment I can see that full head of hair (more on this below). The other half of me literally cried last weekend (and again last night) because we’re nearing the end of this journey, of doing only what I can do and sharing these intimate moments only he & I can experience.

What’s new this week? Nesting! The last couple weeks I’ve gotten this new-found burst of energy… like I don’t know what to do with myself because I can realistically only do so much. I want all the things done and I want them done now.  I’m going crazy making list after list and am constantly distracted with thoughts flying in my mind ”O yeah… that too!’ I was already feeling much this way beforehand, but after the info we got, I’m really feeling the pressure! (More on that below… I know – I’m getting there!)

Craving: The cravings pretty much went away in the 2nd trimester, but I’m feeling pretty strongly about Mexican food these days.  Like, I want a tamale and cheese dip every day of my life right now.

Favorite snacks: (To balance out all the Mexican) Avocados – especially with greek yogurt in the pit, drizzled with salsa (wait that’s also a little Mexican, but HEALTHY), honey-sesame almonds from Trader Joe’s + dried cranberries + gouda cheese and raw veggies with hummus

His size: Although they say he’s about the size of a chihuahua and I’m measuring right on target, he himself is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead and over 5 pounds already (this was the day I turned 33 weeks)! For a mama who is set on attempting a VBAC, pushing out a big baby makes me a liiiittle nervous.

My size: Lost 2 pounds from my last checkup = 25 pounds gained so far.  Not sure why those 2 pounds disappeared but I remember the same thing happening last time and carrying twins, my doc wasn’t too happy.  What I really think, is that I’m SO hungry from day one, just eating all the things, that I gain more of my weight in the beginning, but then my appetite lines out as my pregnancies continue to develop – maybe because there just isn’t as much room to eat like I was!


  • Braxton hicks are coming on pretty often these days.  Some are stronger than others, but nothing regular, although it makes me question how much longer he’ll stay in here.
  • Because of the diastasis recti (separation of my ab muscles) from the twin pregnancy, my uterus has fallen forward, meaning I don’t have an abdominal wall to hold it all in where it ‘should’ be. It isn’t painful in any way, just makes me look like a turtle stuck on my back when I’m trying to roll out of bed.  It also makes me look like I’ve “dropped” significantly. Probably why I get asked daily, “Due any day now?!” Again, let’s remember we don’t know everyone’s situation and there are much better things to say or ask than making assumptions! 🙂

Favorite comfy item: wearing my husband’s long-sleeve henley t’s around the house (wearing one right now as I type this), although I did keep it on to drop the girls off at school the other day – anybody else ever wear their PJs to carpool?!


Wardrobe Secret: I bought this knee-length, high-wasted skirt one size up so it’ll fit comfortably over my bump… now I can wear just about any of my pre-maternity tops! I’ll be wearing a version of this basically every day for indefinite future because it’s just as cute with sneakers as it is with with a pair of wedges & did I mention comfortable (especially with the right support – see below)?!

Favorite Moments: When he gets the hiccups… and when I’m lying in bed and he’s kicking and rolling around. That’s when he seems most active and I usually don’t want to get up because I just want to soak in every last kick and movement inside of me we have left with just the two of us.

Big step this week: We hired a doula! Honestly, this isn’t something I ever considered myself doing.  With the decision to have a VBAC this time around, we don’t want to be calling any audibles on our own (how my husband would put it).  She came to the house for a personalized class “Stages & Phases of Labor” and helped me to understand how to progress my labor along more comfortably and quickly once it begins and when I need to get to the hospital (which is sooner if you’re having a VBAC because you need to be monitored).  She also helped me formulate a birth plan specific for my situation and our desires. I’ve never been the type that is dead set on a plan and can’t deviate as needed, but I do like a plan and with the twins, I didn’t even have the option.


Ok, So the best thing (my favorite) thing we’ve done yet…



We finally gave in and had a 3D/4D ultrasound done at a 3rd party since this isn’t something my doctor (or apparently most doctors when you’re only having one baby) offers.  I just can’t believe we had about 20 ultrasounds with the girls but only 2 for our boy (1st ultrasound and the 20 week anatomy scan), so I was afraid I’d regret it if I didn’t do this with him. Still, my husband was quite skeptical about spending extra cash to do this, but when we left he was saying it was worth every dollar! It was done so well…  45 minutes of watching our little man and getting a glimpse of his little personality already (having twins first really opened my eyes to how much insight you can get into their personalities while in utero). We took in his sweet little face as much as possible since he kept his hands AND feet in front of it most of the time, but those lips! Something tells me he’s going to act more like Zo (a little stubborn because the tech would prod him & he would kick at the camera but put his hand/foot right back where it was), but look like KR (I swear he has her little button nose).

We measured every bit of him including how long his hair is, which measured right at an inch already!  This really shouldn’t surprise me because his sisters both came out with heads full of hair, but woah! As I said above, he’s measuring almost 2 weeks ahead, which means a) He’s gong to be one big baby to deliver OR b) He’s going to come early, which probably has a lot to do with kicking my nesting into overdrive! You watch, he won’t come a day before 40 weeks! And that tiger you see… they placed a recording of his heartbeat inside it. The girls squeeze his belly over and over to listen to it – it’s the sweetest sound!


Dress is non-maternity from Who What Wear’s collection for Target (the back of it is the best part – soon…).

Comfort + Looking Good = Feeling Good

I might be a “unicorn” for saying this, but I absolutely love being pregnant. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s possible to find beauty in hard things. I seriously love my bump – it’s my favorite accessory right now.  It doesn’t come without it’s challenges (which is why I confuse my husband daily with how much I love it yet I’m lying on the bed crying because “I don’t have anything to wear”. As we near the end, comfort is key, but I also want to stay looking good, which is why having these few pieces are key to me feeling good all the way through.

Bra extendersThese allow me to wear my same well-fitting, sexier bras, rather than maternity/nursing bras that seem to never give me the support I really want & tend to look like my grandma’s. Which leads me to my #1 maternity/nursing wardrobe secret… The first thing that happens in my pregnancies is my boobs go up 2 sizes, so I went to my favorite lingerie store and was refitted. I can wear the same brands that worked for me before, just in a larger cup size and as my band size goes up with my growing belly, I can attach the extenders on. Now here’s the REAL secret… at these specialty lingerie retailers, there is often a seamstress on staff and guess what she’ll do for you… cut & sew your straps to convert your bra into a nursing bra!!! After baby is born and you’re headed back to your pre-baby body, you can still feel sexy all through your nursing journey!

The right support – Mama Spanx has every pregnant mama’s dreams of feeling comfortable and looking good at the same time all rolled into one undergarment. They aren’t restricting, just smoothing, and best of all, they help support the bump and lower back, which makes them a must-have piece in my maternity wardrobe every time!


Shop the Style


Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.


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Beauty Brunch – Celebrating the Beauty in Each Other

Spring is in full swing again, so I’m sharing a little get-together I did with my long time friend, Lillie Mundie, just in time for Mother’s Day! With everything in full bloom and the temperatures rising, this is the perfect time of year to gather your girlfriends for an al fresco brunch & bubbly and celebrate all things beauty . After the long winter days, spring is kind of like New Years for your skin, so I partnered with her to bring a personalized skincare prescription for each guest to take home to start the season off with naturally beautiful skin. Keep reading for how we incorporated beauty into every aspect of our brunch including the menu (beauty starts on the inside – in more ways than one), the abundant blooms, and a little more about the different skin care lines and get inspired for how you can celebrate your girlfriends with a glow-inducing Beauty Brunch!


Included on the RSVP card, we asked each guest what she wanted most for her skin so everyone could take home a skin care regimen that was personalized just for their goals.







Since we had a fairly large group (about 20 of us) with multiple tables, we had a separate food table for our guests to serve themselves. If you’re having a more intimate gathering, keeping the food on the table is always great so no-one has to leave to get seconds!






Mixing the floral dinnerware patterns kept it interesting and gives it a laid back feel.


I’m no floral expert, although I wish I were, but I’ll share a little flower arranging secret weapon with you guys…


I had actually tested one of the products before and really wasn’t all too impressed…  My lovely friend here filled me in on a little secret (which is probably not a secret to many at all)… it only really works if you use the whole line together, not just a single product! Once she gave me my own regimen to try, I was a believer and wanted to share it with my friends!


The Redefine regimen helps defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. The Reverse regimen visibly brightens and evens discolored skin for a more radiant, even complexion. The Unblemished regimen penetrates pores and eliminate most acne blemishes. The Soothe Regimen calms dry, chapped, cracked skin and reduce visible signs of redness.


That beautiful shade of pink drink is actually blood orange juice which we used as the mixer for mimosas.




I pre-filled the tea cups with greek yogurt and tied mini spoons to the handle.  Then we had our choice of skin-enriching berries to add in some sweet goodness. Strawberries are high in vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. Raspberries which are also vitamin C powerhouses and pomegranate seeds are tiny little superfoods that help reduce collagen breakdown. Blackberries are high in vitamin A, K and C (see a common theme here?), have a higher level of antioxidants than most other berries and omega-3s helping to fight free radicals, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.



On the menu



  • Sparkling water (Pellegrino is my drink of choice)
  • Strawberry Mint Infused waterso refreshing!
  • Coffee – what’s brunch without it AND you know it has antioxidants right?!
  • Blood orange juice and champagne for mimosas


 Whether you’re looking for a way to spoil your mama or celebrate your girlfriends, I hope you find beauty in the season and perhaps a little inspiration here.
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My 10 Favorite Products for Baby’s 1st Year + 10 Week Countdown!

We got to check on baby boy yesterday (yay for finally reaching 2 week appointments – this is such a big deal for us previous twin mommies who are used to checking on our babies every two weeks or even every week) and everything seems to be just perfect – I’m counting my blessings as we speak I write this!! He’s measuring right on target, although he seems to be a good size boy. He’s head down and my midwife tends to think he’ll stay that way, so now all we got to do is grow baby grow… and basically everything else you have to do to prepare for a new baby, including painting the nursery… we’re way less ‘prepared’ than we were with the girls.  Here are a few more specifics that I don’t want to forget.

30 week update:

Baby’s Size: The cool list says he’s the size of a garden gnome.  Haha – I can visualize that so much better than a zucchini!

My size: I’ve gained 26 pounds so far…. thanks to cardio, squats and the chocolate chip cookies (with ice-cream – only sometimes) Zach makes for me!

Emotionally: The 10 week countdown is cueing up all the emotions. I’m trying to savor every kick and every elbow rolling across my belly. I mean having life inside of you is just incredible isn’t it?! The reality that The Kraze won’t be my only much longer and thinking of how I’ll balance my time is pushing me to be as intentional as possible (like taking them to the nail salon) in these final weeks.

Symptoms: I’m really feeling great, except for scratching my belly like an overweight drunk man – it itches so bad!! I’m constantly putting on cream and raw coconut oil, so I feel like I smell like cocoa and coconut all the time, which isn’t as appealing as one may think! Also, I just want to sleep on my stomach so bad!!

Relaxation: A warm bath is my favorite… preferably alone.  What is it that every time I go to get in the bath or shower, they both want to get in too? This is why I typically have to do it by 6AM or after 9 PM. #momlife

Wardrobe: I finally broke down and bought a maternity dress for everyday wear. It’s SO comfortable, basically like a t-shirt and hugs the bump just right! Also, my baby shower dress(es) came in (both maternity)   I’m still trying to decide which one! Next on the list are some maternity tanks to get me through the hotter days to come.

Big Sisters: Zo kisses my belly multiple times a day and tells him how much she loves him and gives him his own goodbye hug and kiss when we’re parting. KR says “He’s always having a party in your belly!” and feels for him to kick & when he does she says, “I think he just can’t wait to meet me!”


10 Favorite Products for Baby’s 1st Year




I’m so blessed to have already made so many great friends in the short 10 months we’ve lived here.  They are such a blessing to me and my family and have offered to throw baby boy a shower!  You’d think we have pretty much everything after having to buy two of everything the first time around, but we had a little thing called a house fire a couple years ago (nothing we did – a bad electrical wire in the attic) and many of the baby things we were keeping for the next were ruined.  Anyhow, the baby shower is coming up in a couple weeks and as I put the registry together, it had me thinking about all my favorite products for their 1st year, so I’m sharing the list with you and why I love each one.


 These are all 100% based on my own personal experience and are in no order:

  1. mamaRoo – This fine piece of machinery is so fancy, but let me tell you…. The girls loved it SO much, we ended up buying a second one so they could each have one.  The different motions seriously work like magic! The built in sounds are soothing, but we also loved being able to plug in the music we had played for them while they were in the womb. Do you do this? Do you play music for your unborn babies or even read or sing to them?


2. iCandy stroller – They’re based in the UK and since we purchased ours, are unfortunately no longer sold in the states, but they’ve been gracious enough to ship me all the pieces I need replaced or accessories to add on (parasol for this hot Florida sun).  The Peach pushcart is the model we purchased and it’s seriously beautiful.  It was simply amazing for having twins, and now we can use it as a single or even with the baby in either his carseat or carrycot (bassinet) plus one of the girls in the toddler seat because it can easily be converted from single to double with the simple click in converters.  The carrycots are even safe for overnight sleeping, so we used them as the girls’ bassinets (unfortunately this was one of those items that didn’t make it).



3. Double Bob – If you want to be an active family, this is rated #1 for jogging strollers for a reason. The seats recline way back and the shades come down really far, so it’s actually a super comfortable ride. The Kraze has taken many a nap in this – to this day.  Also, it easily collapses down in one (big) piece for convenient travel.



4. Kirkland Baby Wipes – These are a good size and strong, so they don’t tear and all you need (unless it’s an up the back kind of diaper) is one wipe to get the job done.  They’re scent-free, chlorine free & hypoallergenic and made with aloe and vitamin E, so I always felt comfortable using them on the girls hands & faces too.


5. Boon tub – It has two positions to help baby sit up a little or lie flat/sit up all the way unassisted, plus a drain hole for easy, complete draining. My favorite part: it’s collapsible and has a hook, so it can easily be stored away without taking up much room in the bathroom. Note: it’s rather large, so this is not your sink bath kind of tub.


6. Maxi Cozi car seat – First, it’s super lightweight and is adaptable to fit our iCandy stroller. Most importantly 😉 it comes in a variety of beautiful colors and designs, like this amazing Rachel Zoe collection!


7. Rocktivity Table – this was just about the only toy that was stable enough for them to pull up on when they reached this stage and has some seriously jamming music, including the Jackson 5’s ABC!


8. Bitsy Bags – New website coming soon and when it does, I’ll have a little gift for you guys because we used both sizes of these with the girls – they couldn’t sleep without them… and this was one of my first purchases for baby boy!!


9. Sound machine – This could also be categorized in my top 3 ways to get your baby to sleep all night, which is clearly the most important feat to accomplish with a new baby!


10. Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets – These are on the larger side of what most swaddling blankets are, which is so important to get a good swaddle, which is also key to that important night’s sleep or calming a fussy baby!  I also love how the muslin is so breathable, making these great for regulating baby’s body temperature and not making them too hot. I used these as swaddlers, breast feeding covers, blankets, carseat covers and I’m sure more… it’s been over 4 years – I feel like I can hardly remember a thing about caring for a newborn!


Thanks for following along and allowing me to share a little piece of our journey!  I hope these were helpful for any of you mamas trying to weed through all the never-ending baby ‘necessities’.


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Phrases Pregnant Women Hear & A Few More Encouraging Alternatives + 28 Week Update

Real talk… When you see me, it is obvious that I am pregnant. I get that. A little dose of honesty… I’ve even found myself comparing my bump to other baby bumps I see on IG, thinking things like “I look bigger than she does and she’s 6 weeks further along than me!” More honesty… that’s ridiculous! Our bodies are all different… I happen to carry very narrow, which makes me carry further out. Regardless, our bodies are all amazing, doing amazing things!

The thoughts, fears & anxieties that may be running through a pregnant mama’s head are something that can’t be seen. All we want is to have healthy babies. More than physically draining, it’s emotionally & mentally draining to decipher when to get all the things done (hello, we’re preparing for another human to come into our world that we’re totally responsible for) and when to rest, when to say no (the birthday party I cancelled to attend over the weekend), what’s truly necessary and what’s not… especially for someone who wants my girls and husband to see me as strong at all times. I in no way am looking for pity – this is no comparison game – we’re all doing our best to grow healthy little humans. Since we’re in this together, I know you feel me with the comments people make to pregnant women that are quite shocking and seriously not helpful, so I compiled a (humorous) little list of phrases pregnant women hear along with a few alternatives.


Here are a few ways to have a hormonally driven woman break down on you. Every single one of the below comments have been said directly to me, seriously:

  • “Well that baby is about ready to come out!” Wait! Are you a doctor?!
  • “Are you sure you aren’t having twins again?!” Modern technology is pretty good at answering that question – I literally said that to someone
  • “How much longer do you have?” Me: “12 weeks”  Them: “Bless your heart!” – we all know this is the #1 Southern way of patronizing someone
  • “When are you due?… Are you going to make it?!” Are. you. kidding me?!


What is happening inside of every pregnant woman’s body is nothing short of a miracle.

Even the challenges that have come along with this pregnancy (hello contractions), can’t take away from the beauty of this experience for me at all. Above everything, I love having life inside of me. To feel my child kick inside of me is something that never gets old, even the second time around. You won’t see me sharing bare bump pictures because on the outside it doesn’t look so beautiful (thank you twins), but what’s happening inside of me is truly beautiful.

Since I really don’t believe people mean to be offensive and that they probably just don’t know what to say (although pregnant women have been around for a really long time), here are a few ideas to try to help change the conversation:

  • “You look great!” Lie if you have to!
  • “You’re a rockstar.” Because we are
  • “You got this mama!” Straight up encouragement!
  • “I hope you’re getting the rest you need. Is there anything I can do to take something off your plate?” – We probably won’t take you up on it (gotta maintain that ‘super mom’ status) but the offer alone will make you a God-send.

Just know, regardless of how “big” the bump is, her body is hard at work & a little encouragement could go a long way.


So while we’re here, a little 28-week update:

Baby size: The standard fruit comparison is an eggplant this week. For fun I looked up a couple other options: bigger than a burrito with the works or about the size of a giant banana split.

Symptoms: Last week I started having contractions that became more and more regular, getting to 3 minutes apart consistently.   Thank God for amazing friends/neighbors who took our girls in so Zach could get me to the hospital. After every other effort to make them stop, I ended up having ‘the shot’ that makes them stop immediately. Good news – I showed no signs of preterm labor (in spite of the contractions) and I’m super grateful I was put on bed rest for only 24 hours. Not so great – it was Zach’s birthday… Wife of the year right here!

What I’m loving: I’m feeling more and more connected to this baby boy of ours.  I freak Zach out because I randomly talk to him when he’s dancing around in my belly and he doesn’t know who I’m talking to. When it’s just me and the baby, I sing to him – typically Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star because..

Wardrobe: Still fitting into my regular pants (completely unbuttoned with belly band), but almost none of my tops are covering the belly completely anymore. I’m feeling like I may just have to break down and buy maternity clothes

Nursery update: The crib and glider from The Kraze’s nursery have been set up and a couple items I’ve ordered specific for him have arrived – will be sharing soon!

Big Sisters: They talk about/to him as if he’s already here. If they bump my belly (which isn’t hard to do), they say “Sorry baby brother!” and pat my belly.


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A Colorful Nursery for Two


Before we even knew the gender of our twins, I fell in love with this rug and knew I wanted it regardless of what the sexes turned out to be. I never wanted a typical baby pink or blue nursery, so when I came across this playful, colorful rug, I decided to base the entire nursery around it. I’m pretty sure we bought it when I was just barely out of the first trimester, but I knew I could pull any colors from it I wanted to make it work for the space. Finally that wonderful day came along, and I excitedly grabbed the beautiful shade of pink from the rug to use throughout the room.


Many pieces were either custom made, like the bedding, bench cushion and name letters hanging above each crib or one-of-a-kind finds from antique stores, such as the orange nightstand and vintage birdcage hanging in the corner.


I’ve seen this light fixture in many nursery designs since, but considering this was 5 years ago, I like to think we were one of the first trendsetters! 😉 Which is also why I don’t have any other high quality photos to post, so I’ll spare you the half-decade old Instagram filtered photos and just leave you with the one… plus this is probably the only time their room was this clean.



Shop the Look


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Atlanta Travel Guide: The Local’s Hidden Gems

Even though we lived there for 9 short years, we consider Atlanta our hometown. Our girls will probably grow up not remembering that they were born Georgia peaches, but this place holds such a special place in our hearts.  There are so many fun things to do that Atlanta is famous for, like attending a Braves game, going to Centennial Olympic Park, and of course we love the aquarium and zoo (we had memberships to both as long as we lived there), but I want to give you guys the scoop on a few of our favorite places to eat and play that might not be on your radar. So if you want to explore Atlanta like a local…


Eat Here

R. Thomas

Founded on the “You are what you eat” expression, it’s a 24-hour health food restaurant.  I mean, that almost sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?! No doubt, this place is as funky as it gets, with exotic birds in cages along the entrance and multicolored neon lighting inside, but with everything on the menu made with high quality, fresh ingredients, you can rest assured that any choice you make here is good. Our favorite is the breakfast menu, which is a good thing considering they serve breakfast all day! *Fun fact: this is where Zach took me to brunch the day he proposed, over 8 years ago!

Recommended item: The Mr. Rogers


Taqueria del Sol (Westside & Decatur locations)

This was our fave long before The Kraze was even born. Maybe it’s the amount of Taqueria cheese dip I ate while pregnant with them, but they love it just as much as we do. The line out the door every time you go will tell you we’re not alone. One of the best parts is grabbing a drink at the bar and socializing (and letting the kids play) while waiting in line – we’ve seriously met lifelong friends in this line! The made-from-scratch Southern Mexican dishes are truly original and the specials change every week, which is a big reason why we hardly missed a week! We’ve literally had tears more than once since moving to Florida because they just want Taqueria! A few weeks ago when we visited, the girls went straight to the owner and asked him personally if he would please bring Taqueria to Florida… here they’re literally hugging it goodbye!

Recommended item: Westside Margarita & cheese dip (made with minced jalapeños – it’s spicy!)


Henri’s Bakery (on-Ree’s)



This Buckhead gem has been around for almost 100 years, and this enormous case of assorted pastries and sweets is only the beginning. The variety of breakfast sandwiches are all amazing and will cost you a whopping $3 a piece. With their full service bakery, sandwich counter, espresso bar and grab-and-go options, plus I’m a sucker for good outside seating, it’s seriously good any time of day.

Recommended item(s): French vanilla muffin,  ham, egg & cheese croissant / Kid favorite: Thumbprint cookies



A little fun-fact: A couple years ago, Antico was named one of the top 10 pizzerias in the country! When the weather is nice, the ambience is seriously just as great as the pizza – the whole experience is just about as authentic as you can get, I would imagine. You can bring your own bottle of wine (make sure you bring your own bottle opener too) and they provide the clear plastic cups & napkins, but no plates – it’s all about community here!

Recommended item: The Diavola & Margherita DOP + pepperoni (and be sure to go to the back by the kitchen & pick up some peppers and fresh parm)


A few more favorites:

Sun in My Belly


Universal Joint


Play Here

Chastain Park




This park was just renovated a couple years ago and is unlike any other park I’ve ever been to.  It’s nestled in one of Atlanta’s nicest neighborhoods and is the nicest playground in the city (with clean bathrooms!).  There’s plenty to do for kids of all ages with so many engaging things and inspiring features like the spaceship-like tree house, the “rolly slides” (what we call them) and musical features such as drums, windpipes and piano for all to play! I think the swings are my favorite!


Ponce City Market/ Beltline




I think Ponce City Market is the coolest renovation I’ve ever seen unfold.  It was so highly anticipated, as I used to drive right by the historic building on my way home from work every day, and now it’s considered a landmark, placed right in the middle of some of Atlanta’s most prominent neighborhoods.  It’s a full marketplace with the best shopping, eating and hang out spots. You can even grab yourself a pretty cool pad if you’re looking for an urban apartment in the heart of Atlanta.

The BeltLine is a huge pedestrian trail that will eventually make a 22 mile loop, connecting Atlanta’s inner-perimeter neighborhoods. All along the trail there are renovated parks, unique and tasty restaurants, and can’t-miss events happening every day, as well as really neat artwork all along the path (see above).  Our favorite stretch runs right past Ponce City Market, from Piedmont Park to Krog Street Market, which you can make a whole day out of – playing at the park, strolling down to Ponce City for shopping, then continuing on to Krog Street for dinner.


Atlanta has so much to offer – I hope you’ll consider checking out these spots if the ATL is ever on your destination list.


Happy Travels!

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Style Roundup – Transitional Outfits

It’s March and that means spring is just around the corner!!  I thought I’d wrap up this cooler weather with a little round up of transitional outfits that have gotten me through this “winter” we have in Florida, which is basically like spring for most of you.  None of these items are maternity, although all work well for a growing bump.


I wore this dress for a rare date night with my hubby. It’s a super comfy sweater dress that can be dressed up or down.



This is one of my favorite combos for the cooler months … Skinny jeans + sweater + over-the-knee boots. Such an easy look and I can be ready for anything from an event at the girls’ school to an impromptu lunch date with a girlfriend.


A more casual date night look… this was for Valentine’s Day, but I love this pink blazer year-round.


This white dress is another year-round piece for me. And these boots again… I just love them because they go with anything from jeans to a dress. I wore this to brunch where the hubby and I found out the gender of baby #3!


Here’s to the sunny days ahead and all the good times that come along with them!


Shop the Style

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Gender Reveal – The Story

Well, every single person who knew we’re expecting was right on predicting the gender… with the exception of my sister-in-law, who I think just wanted to see my husband end up with all girls. Honestly, a little piece of me thought it would be another girl just because he seems to be MADE for being a daddy of daughters, but (if we’re being completely honest), we both were hoping for a boy.  Most of all, we feel beyond blessed that this is our 2nd pregnancy and 3rd child… but to top it off, baby #3 IS A BOY!! After having two girls at once, hubby is thrilled to even the playing field a little with a little testosterone.  Having twin girls, who are built-in best friends, then a son to follow… I just feel so undeserving of God’s grace.  As Zach said, “We wouldn’t have written our story any differently.”

Gender Reveal #1

Before we start with how we found out the gender with baby #3, I’ll share a little background of how we found out with our twins, because it could not have been more opposite from this time around… It just so happened that my ‘anatomy ultrasound’ (around the 20 week mark) fell the week before my birthday. As you may know, I love turning just about anything into a celebration. So I decided to have a Gender Reveal party as my birthday party and find out the gender of our twins there with our closest friends and family!

Here’s how we pulled it off: We gave our doctor the baker’s email address and asked them to please email the genders of each Baby A & Baby B to the baker. At the party, when it came cake cutting time, we had two separate cakes for each baby.  First we cut into the A cake and the inside was pink… then B cake was pink too! Photos of our reactions, are floating around somewhere, as we found out in front of about 30 people (almost 5 years ago!) – this is the only one I could easily find.


Gender Reveal #2



This time around, I wanted to do things completely opposite (I’ve really felt that way about a lot of things with this one – which was one of my first inklings that this could be a boy this time).

We invited my parents to be at the ultrasound appointment for the first time.  There, the nurse told us to look away when she was ready to look at the gender.  She typed on the ultrasound picture, and when she printed them out, gave that one to my mom who put it in an envelope.  My hubby and I then went to an intimate brunch just the two of us to open the envelope.  He wanted me to look at it first, because he wanted to see my reaction when I saw it… I’m not sure how my face read because it was a mixture of pure joy, disbelief and laughter because the ultrasound picture read “My Prince Parts” with an arrow pointing to his… you know! Haha! Maybe it was something like this (as we walked out of the restaurant).




How we told the Kraze

The pictures pretty much say it all… these are a little grainy, a little blurry, but real and in the moment.

Explaining to them that if what’s inside the box is pink, they’re having a baby sister, and if it’s blue, they’re having a baby brother




21 going on 22 weeks

Size: They say baby boy is around the size of a banana this week, which totally cracks me up that they always compare the baby’s size to fruit.

Symptoms: I thought pregnancy with one baby would be SO much easier than carrying twins, which honestly wasn’t so bad for me. But my body never really bounced back from carrying almost 13 pounds of baby, which means I don’t have the support I once had.  I’ve been experiencing rather intense lower abdominal pain, especially after standing for any length of time, which was concerning considering I have a long way to go!  I’m so thankful my doctor pointed me to a natural, holistic approach to finding relief – I’ve started seeing a chiropractor which has noticeably helped with the aches and pains. I’m sharing this because if you’re pregnant and experiencing discomfort, it doesn’t have to be ‘just the way it is’ and I hope you’ll look into this option earlier than I did!

The bump is taking shape and, just like last time, is becoming a torpedo belly.  I carry quite narrow, but straight out!  A few weeks ago, the girls were asking daily if the baby was ready to be born, so I put one of their soccer balls in my shirt & said, “Mommy’s belly is going to get this big before the baby can be born.” …Now Zo tells me my belly already looks like I have a soccer ball in there – that’s my ZoZo telling it like it is!

Baby boy is bouncing off the walls in there! I don’t know if we have a really energetic one or if he’s just enjoying having so much room – maybe this is what it’s like with just one.

Big sisters: I told the girls that he can hear them now, so they often sing lullabies to him, typically “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which if you’ve been following along, ‘Twinkle Star’ has been his nickname for the past couple months until we found out the gender.


Thanks for letting me share such a special time in our lives!



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“A Tea for Two”: A Proper Tea Party Birthday

I’ve always loved making their parties a big to-do  for two reasons: 1) My girls are worth making a big to-do about (I’m sure every mom feels this way, as they should) and 2) Because every year it’s a chance for us to gather friends and family to show them how much we appreciate them being a part of our girls’ lives. The tea party theme was just perfect for their 2nd birthday, because their imaginations were really coming alive. Having pretend tea parties with their dolls & stuffed animals was quite a regular occurrence, and quite often, snack time & lunch were requested to be turned into tea parties at home. And you better hold that pinky out while you drink your tea!

I loved this play on words for The Kraze’s tea party more than I should admit. A Tea for Two because they were turning TWO or A Tea for Two because they are TWO of them?! I know… my background is marketing, ok?!

Thanks to Shawn Photography, we were able to capture all the little details & I was actually IN the pictures! I know you feel me moms – that’s why photography is my biggest budget category for their parties each year. We’ll treasure these photos forever.

Just the sweetest… Pops (my dad) in his bow tie, feeding his youngest granddaughter, while KR tries her hardest to get the baby’s shoe on backwards.


On the menu…

Assorted fruit: strawberries, grapes, raspberries & blackberries

Chicken salad croissant sandwiches

Pimento cheese croissant sandwiches

Banana & peanut butter mini sandwiches

Blueberry scones

Assorted petit fours

Having a few little boys as some of their closest friends – one of their favorite people in the world being their older cousin (this handsome boy here, trying to keep her from eating all the fruit before the guests even arrive) – I wanted to make sure the little gents felt properly dressed for the occasion by making bow ties for each of them to wear.


And for the girls, the dress form was adorned with pearl strands & flower crowns for each little girl to put on as soon as she arrived.



Yes, we had real (glass) tea cups and plates at our 2-year olds’ tea party… but we were on grass!


At the beginning of their party they opened one special gift each from Mommy & Daddy – their first real pearl necklaces to wear at their party.


Carrying on the tradition of singing to each of them individually, because everyone deserves their own birthday song!

Having a late October birthday in the south, you never know if it’s going to be chilly or warm… we ended up having to shed the jackets & throw the hair up… those poor little flushed cheeks – it was almost 90 degrees!!



More excited to “pap the baby’s head” (her little cousin), than she was to open presents.

And what’s a fancily clad tea party without the guests of honor adorning antique fascinators – made by yours truly.



My dress: Anthropologie (similar); My shoes: Michael Kors (similar); KR’s outfit: Target; Zoe’s outfit: Target; Their boots (similar)

Fascinators: handmade by me; Cake; Cake topper: DIY; ‘2’: DIY; All serveware: my own; Flowers: local farmers market; Tea pot warmer; adult tea cups & saucers: A mixture of my late grandmother’s and thrift store finds; mini tea cups for the kids: Espresso cups found at thrift store; Plastic plates, paper straws, doilies, burlap, pink tablecloth

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The Truth is, You’re Loved, just the Way You Are (A Personal Letter)

So much time has passed… Although I get it, I so wish this weren’t the case. But if I got the chance, this is what I’d want to say… this is what I’d try to say. I can no longer just run past you, feeling sad about you & sorry for you.  I want to stop and actually do something, because I know how much it’s meant to me and changed my life that a few people along my path stopped to help me. And well, I love you. Please know everything in this is from love. It’s not full of advice, mostly a little truth I’ve found for myself, and I’m writing it down because I need the reminder too. I want to share this with you, hoping you’ll let it take some of the weight off.



When you walk through life, holding on to the lies all these years, it doesn’t matter how heavy each one has been, it’s how long you’ve held onto them.  Over time the weight seems to be unbearable, and now, you’ve allowed these things to define you… believing them yourself, instead of taking them for what they are or were – understanding that the One who created you is the only one that can identify you.

It’s not about what you’ve done or how you feel, but what’s already been done for you – how you’re already forgiven & loved. It’s not too late for you…

Turn Around

When we were totally new to Jax (how the cool kids say Jacksonville), like 4 weeks in… it was my first time making the drive from Atlanta to our new house… and of course it’s the one time I’m making a road trip with The Kraze all by myself. When you’re on a road trip and BOTH of your kids are asleep, you set the cruise on 80 (a leeeettle fast, just a little) & turn on your favorite show (so you can actually hear another adult’s voice) and you wait, until the very last moment, before you HAVE to make a stop for fear of waking them up… I exit off one interstate to get on the next – I’m an hour away from home (Woo hoo!) and there is NO EXIT… for 10 miles… for 20 miles… all I see are trees… my car keeps dinging at me, but it’s too late to turn around now. And with a sudden jolt, my car starts rapidly slowing down & my steering wheel locks up. I ran out of gas on the side of the interstate WITH MY BABIES IN THE CAR!?!?! Fear, panic… I could literally see a rest stop 1/2 a mile away, but obviously there was no way I was going to walk my girls down the side of the interstate that far! It took an hour and a half for someone to bring me enough gas to get to the next gas station, which was only 3 more miles down the road – I digress.  Taking full responsibility, I knew I was taking a risk. However, I had no idea that my decision would land me on a road with no exit strategy, nowhere to turn around.

Here’s my point: I know you didn’t see the rest of the path you would lead down when you exited off the road we were on. I can just imagine the fear, your heart pounding, when you felt you had gone too far and there’s no turning back. Because I couldn’t help myself, I had to call someone. You have to help yourself, but you can still call on someone – you’re not alone.  The main difference in your path and mine is there’s an exit, at like every step of your path.  Visualize an exit: it has everything you need that you can only get if you get off the path you’re currently on… you only have to turn the wheel a 1/4 turn. Not only are there exits all along the way, but the emergency lane in the middle is wide open.  Instead of the sign saying ‘Emergency vehicles only’, it says, “Return to me” because He’s compassionate and longs for you. (Joel 2:12-13) Surrender is the hardest part (at least it was for me), but we’re all standing here waiting for you.

You’ve looked at my life & thought I made all the right decisions & it’s been easy the whole way.  I kid you not, this has not been the case. Letting my circumstances define me, made me realize I was only robbing myself & others of seeing His goodness and experiencing His love.  Letting Him refine me through my circumstances made me better, braver, stronger & kinder. I can say this because I look back on the person I was during my darkest times, and am so thankful I’m not the same as I was. I know you feel broken. Brokenness is where it started for me too.  Thank you Andy Stanley for summing it up so well:

  • I messed up.
  • I gave up.
  • I looked up.
  • God showed up.

When we seek Him, He shows up… wherever you are, whatever mess you’re in.

The truth is…

You. Are. Worthy.

You think you have nothing left to lose… truth is, you have everything to gain. You think you can’t be forgiven… Who says?!  The truth is, none of us can do anything to deserve His love or to fall out of His grace. You don’t have to do anything to ‘deserve’ better.  Your battle is fierce – no doubt – but He is stronger & who better to have on your side?!

I hope you find your truth and share it with others.  Tell them they are loved and worthy of that love, and watch them stand a little taller. Then, you didn’t just help yourself – you shared truth, you shared the Source of hope and it set people free. He can not only change your life, He can use you to change the world, just as you are.

Lysa Terkeurst writes something we can all relate to on some level in her book, Uninvited: “At the core of who we are, we crave acceptance that comes from being loved… To satisfy this longing, we will either be graspers of Gods love or grabbers for people’s love… If we become enamored with something in this world we think offers better fullness than God, we will make room for it… But at some point every one of those things will reveal its absolute inability to keep us full. And then, since we denied God’s power to lead us, we forget His power to hold us.”

You’ve sought acceptance. You’re still seeking acceptance. What if you believed you were already accepted?! The truth is, you’re loved, just as you are.

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