Our Snow Tubing Adventure!

Overlooking the slopes

We were feeling a bit home sick, so we decided to go back to Atlanta to do some of our favorite holiday traditions. We started going to the Stone Mountain Christmas Village as a family Christmas tradition back in 2013 when the girls were barely over one – but we’ve never done the “Snow Mountain” tubing before.  This year, we felt like The Kraze was finally old enough to have fun doing it, and there’s always room to add a new tradition around the holidays. Experiencing things through the eyes of my children, just makes it so much more fun too!

Atlanta is almost a halfway point between my parents’ and our house, so we decided to have them join us here to “have Christmas” together. The morning we were going to Stone Mountain, we pretended it was Christmas and walked across the hall in our pjs to open presents in their room while sipping mimosas (just orange juice for the girls of course). It was such a simple time before all the excitement of the day, but left such sweet memories in my heart.

Snow tubing

I let Daddy & Pops take the first turn while I held the baby with my mom – honestly I felt like the guys would make them feel safest for their first time.


Me and my girls at the top


I had no idea what was going on behind me… Am I surprised that my husband is chucking snowballs at our 5-year-old daughter? Not at all. At least he knows which one of them to mess with – she’ll dish it right back (do you see that face), but the other doesn’t always think that kind of thing is too funny.

We were so grateful to have grandparents along for the trip. Among many reasons, it was so nice to have someone take pictures of us having fun as a family and there was always an extra hand to hold the baby!


Going over the edge

Snow tubing on our backs

Sitting on the front side of the tube the first time caused me to underestimate the steep drop off from this point of view! Yes, I think that family in our tube is looking at us and laughing for ending up flat on our backs in the bottom.


Notice that’s a different tube… We thought they would only want to do the family tubing, but they just keep surprising us!


Children's village

This is the children’s village where they could do tube rides all on their own and build snowmen. Obviously this is Atlanta, so this was not real snow. It was like walking out onto a skating rink with no skates on. Building a snowman out of essentially shaved ice is one of the more difficult things I’ve tried to achieve as a mom.

*Fun fact: Stone Mountain is the largest piece of exposed granite in the world!



Baby in the snow

I believe finding this hat at a consignment store was the catalyst for this trip, because it was so cute I had to have it, and would figure out later a reason for him to wear it! And yeah, those are socks on his hands because I didn’t think about gloves for the baby.


Riding the gondola

We packed a lot into our 3 day trip, but to enjoy all the fun Stone Mountain has like the gondola ride up the mountain, the 4D movie experience, train ride around the mountain, arts & crafts, parades and more, we reserved a whole day to take full advantage of it all!


Family photo

This was the best group picture from the whole weekend (and I think the only one), so thanks Isaiah for sacrificing yourself for the rest of us (this was at the end of the day – maybe he was hungry). There are plenty of cute photos of him where I look terrible, so we’ll call this even.


Lunch outfits

This was a special morning because I got to have a little lunch date with just my boys, while the grandparents took The Kraze to The Aquarium. I’ve already done a round up of some of our favorite hidden gems in Atlanta, but we didn’t make it here that time. However, Cafe at Pharr deserves an honorable mention. Specifically, the Walnut Chicken Salad Plate… and you’re going to want to order extra yogurt rolls – I can’t even explain what they are, just trust me.


Pink Pig Train - Priscilla the Pig

The Pink Pig Train was one of the things The Kraze missed most the year before at Christmas time, so we had to make sure this was part of the agenda… We actually didn’t get to it when we planned because we stayed at Stone Mountain too late the night before, so we had to leave town a couple hours later than we wanted to make it happen. It’s been two years since they’ve seen Priscilla, but they still have so much love for her that they made special artwork for her, and she was so sweet and gracious to them, which I’m always so grateful for.


Pink Pig Train Storybook

Its set on the rooftop of Lenox Mall inside a giant tent and costs only $3 a ride with a portion going to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (which is near and dear to our family), so I call that worth it! The train literally rides through the pages of the story!


Sisters on the train

That twin bond truly is something special – their love for each other melts me every time!!


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