Baby Boy’s Newborn Photos and Nursery Details


I’m just going to start out by saying, this newborn photo session did not go as planned. I had the baby nice and cozy and asleep for the photographer to arrive, but when she did (I was back in our bathroom finishing my hair) the girls got so excited they ran to the nursery and flipped the bleeping light on, shouting “Here he is! Here’s our new baby brother – isn’t he cuuuuuute?!” I hurried in there and they were already bent over his crib and had startled him awake. And he was not happy. So most of those precious sleeping baby poses I had planned didn’t happen.

However, looking at these images, I’m reminded that sometimes it works out just fine that things don’t go as planned…


A close up of that hair could not be missed.

I already miss those days that every  hair on his head stood straight up!


And of course baby feet. Oh sweet baby feet (this is where I would insert an emoji with heart eyes).


As you may have seen before, when we told The Kraze we were going to have another baby, but weren’t sure if the baby would be a boy or a girl yet, they decided to name the baby Twinkle Star – I mean, for 2 full months of my pregnancy, it was “You mean Twinkle Star…” “Are you talking about Twinkle Star?” So when we found out it was a boy and I already had visions of a navy and mint blue color scheme, that deep blue wall with these stars were the first things to go up in the nursery. Also because we’re new to the coast, I thought it’d be fun to have a bit of a coastal vibe… a “Starry Coastal Night” Just pretend he’s starring up in amazement at his stars and not screaming here.


These two – just look at how sweet and innocent these faces are. They were so happy to cooperate if it was all about them; otherwise they were being silly, so in almost every photo either he’s crying or they’re making faces or slouching with their legs open in their dresses (it really brought out the best in me… I had my first glass of wine in a year after this).

However, these beautiful faces also saved the day with some unexpected shots like this (notice the background)… for a while, this was the only way we were all going to be in the picture.


I prayed many years ago that we would one day have a baby boy, named Isaiah, that looks like his daddy.


An image of an answered prayer right here.






I’ve been trying to capture a baby yawn since he was born so I’m so glad I have this shot – this is one of my favorites!


The manzanita branch hanging over his crib was from our wedding, 8 years ago. They’ve been so carefully wrapped and cared for through 4 moves, not knowing how I would reuse them… until now.

The deep blue, luscious, velvet curtains, were my first purchase for his room and what I based the color of the accent wall on. Black out curtains are a must in baby’s room

Before we move on, I must give this rug the recognition it deserves… drum roll… It’s machine washable!! You’re welcome.

We repurposed this armoire from my nursery when I was a baby. It was an antique when my mom refinished it 30 years ago (lime green – she swears it looked good in the 80’s), and it’s been refinished multiple times since then. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and new hardware will do for a piece!


Sometimes the most unexpected gifts are the most special. This Vermont Teddy Bear was gifted to us after Isaiah was born (notice his birthdate on its foot) by friends who have a house in Vermont, so we’ll always remember who gave it to us. It also came with a bear buddy blanky with his name monogrammed on it with a strap for attaching to his carseat, crib, etc… They’re handmade in Vermont and are guaranteed for life! Literally, if anything happens to it, it can be sent back to their bear hospital to be nursed back to health.


My diapering secret weapon is these white cloths. I’ve been diaper rash free with all 3 of mine and the key is to keep that little heinie dry. I’ve used these wipes for years because they aren’t overly moist or leave a lot of residue to begin with (and safe to use on their face), but I recently discovered these for less $$ and love them (I buy unscented). If you feel like that little tush has too much moisture left on it, grab a clean white cloth, pat it dry and toss it in the hamper. Baby has a blowout… lay one down on the changing table under them so you aren’t having to wash your changing pad covers every other day. Baby spits up on changing table… you get the point. Now, at the first sign of any redness, like if they had on a dirty diaper a little too long, I go ahead and slather on a little A&D – this stuff takes care of it immediately. These diapers are great but a friend of mine told me about these that are chlorine-free and have a hypoallergenic liner made with aloe & vitamin E – again for less $$!

These little drawers in this dresser, turned changing table, are perfect for all the little essentials:

  • When you’re born with hair like his, a brush & comb are a must!
  • I wish I had these nail clippers when the girls were babies!
  • A good lotion for that all-important bedtime routine
  • An extra paci that easily accessible because where the heck do those things disappear to?!
  • The dreaded bulb-syringe – my least favorite baby necessity
  • Gotta have hand sanitizer and if you’re putting it on 10 times a day, it should be made of good things – It smells so heavenly, The Kraze even offer to put dirty diapers in the pail just so they can use this afterward!


This is a seriously raw moment… me walking into the nursery to try to calm the baby and my rockstar of a husband coming in to comfort us both because he knew how stressed I was feeling that our baby was crying during his entire newborn photos and the girls weren’t exactly cooperating.

Also, this makes me glad that I slapped some polish on my toes earlier that day, just in case my feet showed… But if you look really close, Zach forgot to take off the polish the girls’ had put on his!! Have I mentioned I hope Isaiah is just like his daddy?!


Now you see why my hand was in his face in every photo. It was either the boob or the paci that was going to keep him from screaming the entire time. I’ll look back and laugh about it one day right?


You think I swaddled him and he slept the rest of the photo session? No, this was a week later when the photographer came back because we literally did not have one photo of his face by himself to use for our announcement cards.

This necklace is one of my most cherished pieces – his birthdate is also inscribed on the back. Similar here



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