33-34 Week Baby Update + How I Stay Feeling Good + The Best Thing I’ve Done this Pregnancy

Well, I’m actually 34 weeks now, but I wrote the majority of this post last week, and life got in the way plus I had a few days that I just didn’t feel like opening my computer, so I’m combining the two…

Emotionally: I’m feeling about 50/50 right now. At least half of me is getting pretty anxious to meet our baby boy, daydreaming about the moment The Kraze become big sisters, the moment my husband holds his son for the first time, the moment I can see that full head of hair (more on this below). The other half of me literally cried last weekend (and again last night) because we’re nearing the end of this journey, of doing only what I can do and sharing these intimate moments only he & I can experience.

What’s new this week? Nesting! The last couple weeks I’ve gotten this new-found burst of energy… like I don’t know what to do with myself because I can realistically only do so much. I want all the things done and I want them done now.  I’m going crazy making list after list and am constantly distracted with thoughts flying in my mind ”O yeah… that too!’ I was already feeling much this way beforehand, but after the info we got, I’m really feeling the pressure! (More on that below… I know – I’m getting there!)

Craving: The cravings pretty much went away in the 2nd trimester, but I’m feeling pretty strongly about Mexican food these days.  Like, I want a tamale and cheese dip every day of my life right now.

Favorite snacks: (To balance out all the Mexican) Avocados – especially with greek yogurt in the pit, drizzled with salsa (wait that’s also a little Mexican, but HEALTHY), honey-sesame almonds from Trader Joe’s + dried cranberries + gouda cheese and raw veggies with hummus

His size: Although they say he’s about the size of a chihuahua and I’m measuring right on target, he himself is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead and over 5 pounds already (this was the day I turned 33 weeks)! For a mama who is set on attempting a VBAC, pushing out a big baby makes me a liiiittle nervous.

My size: Lost 2 pounds from my last checkup = 25 pounds gained so far.  Not sure why those 2 pounds disappeared but I remember the same thing happening last time and carrying twins, my doc wasn’t too happy.  What I really think, is that I’m SO hungry from day one, just eating all the things, that I gain more of my weight in the beginning, but then my appetite lines out as my pregnancies continue to develop – maybe because there just isn’t as much room to eat like I was!


  • Braxton hicks are coming on pretty often these days.  Some are stronger than others, but nothing regular, although it makes me question how much longer he’ll stay in here.
  • Because of the diastasis recti (separation of my ab muscles) from the twin pregnancy, my uterus has fallen forward, meaning I don’t have an abdominal wall to hold it all in where it ‘should’ be. It isn’t painful in any way, just makes me look like a turtle stuck on my back when I’m trying to roll out of bed.  It also makes me look like I’ve “dropped” significantly. Probably why I get asked daily, “Due any day now?!” Again, let’s remember we don’t know everyone’s situation and there are much better things to say or ask than making assumptions! 🙂

Favorite comfy item: wearing my husband’s long-sleeve henley t’s around the house (wearing one right now as I type this), although I did keep it on to drop the girls off at school the other day – anybody else ever wear their PJs to carpool?!


Wardrobe Secret: I bought this knee-length, high-wasted skirt one size up so it’ll fit comfortably over my bump… now I can wear just about any of my pre-maternity tops! I’ll be wearing a version of this basically every day for indefinite future because it’s just as cute with sneakers as it is with with a pair of wedges & did I mention comfortable (especially with the right support – see below)?!

Favorite Moments: When he gets the hiccups… and when I’m lying in bed and he’s kicking and rolling around. That’s when he seems most active and I usually don’t want to get up because I just want to soak in every last kick and movement inside of me we have left with just the two of us.

Big step this week: We hired a doula! Honestly, this isn’t something I ever considered myself doing.  With the decision to have a VBAC this time around, we don’t want to be calling any audibles on our own (how my husband would put it).  She came to the house for a personalized class “Stages & Phases of Labor” and helped me to understand how to progress my labor along more comfortably and quickly once it begins and when I need to get to the hospital (which is sooner if you’re having a VBAC because you need to be monitored).  She also helped me formulate a birth plan specific for my situation and our desires. I’ve never been the type that is dead set on a plan and can’t deviate as needed, but I do like a plan and with the twins, I didn’t even have the option.


Ok, So the best thing (my favorite) thing we’ve done yet…



We finally gave in and had a 3D/4D ultrasound done at a 3rd party since this isn’t something my doctor (or apparently most doctors when you’re only having one baby) offers.  I just can’t believe we had about 20 ultrasounds with the girls but only 2 for our boy (1st ultrasound and the 20 week anatomy scan), so I was afraid I’d regret it if I didn’t do this with him. Still, my husband was quite skeptical about spending extra cash to do this, but when we left he was saying it was worth every dollar! It was done so well…  45 minutes of watching our little man and getting a glimpse of his little personality already (having twins first really opened my eyes to how much insight you can get into their personalities while in utero). We took in his sweet little face as much as possible since he kept his hands AND feet in front of it most of the time, but those lips! Something tells me he’s going to act more like Zo (a little stubborn because the tech would prod him & he would kick at the camera but put his hand/foot right back where it was), but look like KR (I swear he has her little button nose).

We measured every bit of him including how long his hair is, which measured right at an inch already!  This really shouldn’t surprise me because his sisters both came out with heads full of hair, but woah! As I said above, he’s measuring almost 2 weeks ahead, which means a) He’s gong to be one big baby to deliver OR b) He’s going to come early, which probably has a lot to do with kicking my nesting into overdrive! You watch, he won’t come a day before 40 weeks! And that tiger you see… they placed a recording of his heartbeat inside it. The girls squeeze his belly over and over to listen to it – it’s the sweetest sound!


Dress is non-maternity from Who What Wear’s collection for Target (the back of it is the best part – soon…).

Comfort + Looking Good = Feeling Good

I might be a “unicorn” for saying this, but I absolutely love being pregnant. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s possible to find beauty in hard things. I seriously love my bump – it’s my favorite accessory right now.  It doesn’t come without it’s challenges (which is why I confuse my husband daily with how much I love it yet I’m lying on the bed crying because “I don’t have anything to wear”. As we near the end, comfort is key, but I also want to stay looking good, which is why having these few pieces are key to me feeling good all the way through.

Bra extendersThese allow me to wear my same well-fitting, sexier bras, rather than maternity/nursing bras that seem to never give me the support I really want & tend to look like my grandma’s. Which leads me to my #1 maternity/nursing wardrobe secret… The first thing that happens in my pregnancies is my boobs go up 2 sizes, so I went to my favorite lingerie store and was refitted. I can wear the same brands that worked for me before, just in a larger cup size and as my band size goes up with my growing belly, I can attach the extenders on. Now here’s the REAL secret… at these specialty lingerie retailers, there is often a seamstress on staff and guess what she’ll do for you… cut & sew your straps to convert your bra into a nursing bra!!! After baby is born and you’re headed back to your pre-baby body, you can still feel sexy all through your nursing journey!

The right support – Mama Spanx has every pregnant mama’s dreams of feeling comfortable and looking good at the same time all rolled into one undergarment. They aren’t restricting, just smoothing, and best of all, they help support the bump and lower back, which makes them a must-have piece in my maternity wardrobe every time!


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