Beauty Brunch – Celebrating the Beauty in Each Other

Spring is in full swing again, so I’m sharing a little get-together I did with my long time friend, Lillie Mundie, just in time for Mother’s Day! With everything in full bloom and the temperatures rising, this is the perfect time of year to gather your girlfriends for an al fresco brunch & bubbly and celebrate all things beauty . After the long winter days, spring is kind of like New Years for your skin, so I partnered with her to bring a personalized skincare prescription for each guest to take home to start the season off with naturally beautiful skin. Keep reading for how we incorporated beauty into every aspect of our brunch including the menu (beauty starts on the inside – in more ways than one), the abundant blooms, and a little more about the different skin care lines and get inspired for how you can celebrate your girlfriends with a glow-inducing Beauty Brunch!


Included on the RSVP card, we asked each guest what she wanted most for her skin so everyone could take home a skin care regimen that was personalized just for their goals.







Since we had a fairly large group (about 20 of us) with multiple tables, we had a separate food table for our guests to serve themselves. If you’re having a more intimate gathering, keeping the food on the table is always great so no-one has to leave to get seconds!






Mixing the floral dinnerware patterns kept it interesting and gives it a laid back feel.


I’m no floral expert, although I wish I were, but I’ll share a little flower arranging secret weapon with you guys…


I had actually tested one of the products before and really wasn’t all too impressed…  My lovely friend here filled me in on a little secret (which is probably not a secret to many at all)… it only really works if you use the whole line together, not just a single product! Once she gave me my own regimen to try, I was a believer and wanted to share it with my friends!


The Redefine regimen helps defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. The Reverse regimen visibly brightens and evens discolored skin for a more radiant, even complexion. The Unblemished regimen penetrates pores and eliminate most acne blemishes. The Soothe Regimen calms dry, chapped, cracked skin and reduce visible signs of redness.


That beautiful shade of pink drink is actually blood orange juice which we used as the mixer for mimosas.




I pre-filled the tea cups with greek yogurt and tied mini spoons to the handle.  Then we had our choice of skin-enriching berries to add in some sweet goodness. Strawberries are high in vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. Raspberries which are also vitamin C powerhouses and pomegranate seeds are tiny little superfoods that help reduce collagen breakdown. Blackberries are high in vitamin A, K and C (see a common theme here?), have a higher level of antioxidants than most other berries and omega-3s helping to fight free radicals, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.



On the menu



  • Sparkling water (Pellegrino is my drink of choice)
  • Strawberry Mint Infused waterso refreshing!
  • Coffee – what’s brunch without it AND you know it has antioxidants right?!
  • Blood orange juice and champagne for mimosas


 Whether you’re looking for a way to spoil your mama or celebrate your girlfriends, I hope you find beauty in the season and perhaps a little inspiration here.

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