My 10 Favorite Products for Baby’s 1st Year + 10 Week Countdown!

We got to check on baby boy yesterday (yay for finally reaching 2 week appointments – this is such a big deal for us previous twin mommies who are used to checking on our babies every two weeks or even every week) and everything seems to be just perfect – I’m counting my blessings as we speak I write this!! He’s measuring right on target, although he seems to be a good size boy. He’s head down and my midwife tends to think he’ll stay that way, so now all we got to do is grow baby grow… and basically everything else you have to do to prepare for a new baby, including painting the nursery… we’re way less ‘prepared’ than we were with the girls.  Here are a few more specifics that I don’t want to forget.

30 week update:

Baby’s Size: The cool list says he’s the size of a garden gnome.  Haha – I can visualize that so much better than a zucchini!

My size: I’ve gained 26 pounds so far…. thanks to cardio, squats and the chocolate chip cookies (with ice-cream – only sometimes) Zach makes for me!

Emotionally: The 10 week countdown is cueing up all the emotions. I’m trying to savor every kick and every elbow rolling across my belly. I mean having life inside of you is just incredible isn’t it?! The reality that The Kraze won’t be my only much longer and thinking of how I’ll balance my time is pushing me to be as intentional as possible (like taking them to the nail salon) in these final weeks.

Symptoms: I’m really feeling great, except for scratching my belly like an overweight drunk man – it itches so bad!! I’m constantly putting on cream and raw coconut oil, so I feel like I smell like cocoa and coconut all the time, which isn’t as appealing as one may think! Also, I just want to sleep on my stomach so bad!!

Relaxation: A warm bath is my favorite… preferably alone.  What is it that every time I go to get in the bath or shower, they both want to get in too? This is why I typically have to do it by 6AM or after 9 PM. #momlife

Wardrobe: I finally broke down and bought a maternity dress for everyday wear. It’s SO comfortable, basically like a t-shirt and hugs the bump just right! Also, my baby shower dress(es) came in (both maternity)   I’m still trying to decide which one! Next on the list are some maternity tanks to get me through the hotter days to come.

Big Sisters: Zo kisses my belly multiple times a day and tells him how much she loves him and gives him his own goodbye hug and kiss when we’re parting. KR says “He’s always having a party in your belly!” and feels for him to kick & when he does she says, “I think he just can’t wait to meet me!”


10 Favorite Products for Baby’s 1st Year




I’m so blessed to have already made so many great friends in the short 10 months we’ve lived here.  They are such a blessing to me and my family and have offered to throw baby boy a shower!  You’d think we have pretty much everything after having to buy two of everything the first time around, but we had a little thing called a house fire a couple years ago (nothing we did – a bad electrical wire in the attic) and many of the baby things we were keeping for the next were ruined.  Anyhow, the baby shower is coming up in a couple weeks and as I put the registry together, it had me thinking about all my favorite products for their 1st year, so I’m sharing the list with you and why I love each one.


 These are all 100% based on my own personal experience and are in no order:

  1. mamaRoo – This fine piece of machinery is so fancy, but let me tell you…. The girls loved it SO much, we ended up buying a second one so they could each have one.  The different motions seriously work like magic! The built in sounds are soothing, but we also loved being able to plug in the music we had played for them while they were in the womb. Do you do this? Do you play music for your unborn babies or even read or sing to them?


2. iCandy stroller – They’re based in the UK and since we purchased ours, are unfortunately no longer sold in the states, but they’ve been gracious enough to ship me all the pieces I need replaced or accessories to add on (parasol for this hot Florida sun).  The Peach pushcart is the model we purchased and it’s seriously beautiful.  It was simply amazing for having twins, and now we can use it as a single or even with the baby in either his carseat or carrycot (bassinet) plus one of the girls in the toddler seat because it can easily be converted from single to double with the simple click in converters.  The carrycots are even safe for overnight sleeping, so we used them as the girls’ bassinets (unfortunately this was one of those items that didn’t make it).



3. Double Bob – If you want to be an active family, this is rated #1 for jogging strollers for a reason. The seats recline way back and the shades come down really far, so it’s actually a super comfortable ride. The Kraze has taken many a nap in this – to this day.  Also, it easily collapses down in one (big) piece for convenient travel.



4. Kirkland Baby Wipes – These are a good size and strong, so they don’t tear and all you need (unless it’s an up the back kind of diaper) is one wipe to get the job done.  They’re scent-free, chlorine free & hypoallergenic and made with aloe and vitamin E, so I always felt comfortable using them on the girls hands & faces too.


5. Boon tub – It has two positions to help baby sit up a little or lie flat/sit up all the way unassisted, plus a drain hole for easy, complete draining. My favorite part: it’s collapsible and has a hook, so it can easily be stored away without taking up much room in the bathroom. Note: it’s rather large, so this is not your sink bath kind of tub.


6. Maxi Cozi car seat – First, it’s super lightweight and is adaptable to fit our iCandy stroller. Most importantly 😉 it comes in a variety of beautiful colors and designs, like this amazing Rachel Zoe collection!


7. Rocktivity Table – this was just about the only toy that was stable enough for them to pull up on when they reached this stage and has some seriously jamming music, including the Jackson 5’s ABC!


8. Bitsy Bags – New website coming soon and when it does, I’ll have a little gift for you guys because we used both sizes of these with the girls – they couldn’t sleep without them… and this was one of my first purchases for baby boy!!


9. Sound machine – This could also be categorized in my top 3 ways to get your baby to sleep all night, which is clearly the most important feat to accomplish with a new baby!


10. Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets – These are on the larger side of what most swaddling blankets are, which is so important to get a good swaddle, which is also key to that important night’s sleep or calming a fussy baby!  I also love how the muslin is so breathable, making these great for regulating baby’s body temperature and not making them too hot. I used these as swaddlers, breast feeding covers, blankets, carseat covers and I’m sure more… it’s been over 4 years – I feel like I can hardly remember a thing about caring for a newborn!


Thanks for following along and allowing me to share a little piece of our journey!  I hope these were helpful for any of you mamas trying to weed through all the never-ending baby ‘necessities’.


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