A Colorful Nursery for Two


Before we even knew the gender of our twins, I fell in love with this rug and knew I wanted it regardless of what the sexes turned out to be. I never wanted a typical baby pink or blue nursery, so when I came across this playful, colorful rug, I decided to base the entire nursery around it. I’m pretty sure we bought it when I was just barely out of the first trimester, but I knew I could pull any colors from it I wanted to make it work for the space. Finally that wonderful day came along, and I excitedly grabbed the beautiful shade of pink from the rug to use throughout the room.


Many pieces were either custom made, like the bedding, bench cushion and name letters hanging above each crib or one-of-a-kind finds from antique stores, such as the orange nightstand and vintage birdcage hanging in the corner.


I’ve seen this light fixture in many nursery designs since, but considering this was 5 years ago, I like to think we were one of the first trendsetters! 😉 Which is also why I don’t have any other high quality photos to post, so I’ll spare you the half-decade old Instagram filtered photos and just leave you with the one… plus this is probably the only time their room was this clean.



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