Gender Reveal – The Story

Well, every single person who knew we’re expecting was right on predicting the gender… with the exception of my sister-in-law, who I think just wanted to see my husband end up with all girls. Honestly, a little piece of me thought it would be another girl just because he seems to be MADE for being a daddy of daughters, but (if we’re being completely honest), we both were hoping for a boy.  Most of all, we feel beyond blessed that this is our 2nd pregnancy and 3rd child… but to top it off, baby #3 IS A BOY!! After having two girls at once, hubby is thrilled to even the playing field a little with a little testosterone.  Having twin girls, who are built-in best friends, then a son to follow… I just feel so undeserving of God’s grace.  As Zach said, “We wouldn’t have written our story any differently.”

Gender Reveal #1

Before we start with how we found out the gender with baby #3, I’ll share a little background of how we found out with our twins, because it could not have been more opposite from this time around… It just so happened that my ‘anatomy ultrasound’ (around the 20 week mark) fell the week before my birthday. As you may know, I love turning just about anything into a celebration. So I decided to have a Gender Reveal party as my birthday party and find out the gender of our twins there with our closest friends and family!

Here’s how we pulled it off: We gave our doctor the baker’s email address and asked them to please email the genders of each Baby A & Baby B to the baker. At the party, when it came cake cutting time, we had two separate cakes for each baby.  First we cut into the A cake and the inside was pink… then B cake was pink too! Photos of our reactions, are floating around somewhere, as we found out in front of about 30 people (almost 5 years ago!) – this is the only one I could easily find.


Gender Reveal #2



This time around, I wanted to do things completely opposite (I’ve really felt that way about a lot of things with this one – which was one of my first inklings that this could be a boy this time).

We invited my parents to be at the ultrasound appointment for the first time.  There, the nurse told us to look away when she was ready to look at the gender.  She typed on the ultrasound picture, and when she printed them out, gave that one to my mom who put it in an envelope.  My hubby and I then went to an intimate brunch just the two of us to open the envelope.  He wanted me to look at it first, because he wanted to see my reaction when I saw it… I’m not sure how my face read because it was a mixture of pure joy, disbelief and laughter because the ultrasound picture read “My Prince Parts” with an arrow pointing to his… you know! Haha! Maybe it was something like this (as we walked out of the restaurant).




How we told the Kraze

The pictures pretty much say it all… these are a little grainy, a little blurry, but real and in the moment.

Explaining to them that if what’s inside the box is pink, they’re having a baby sister, and if it’s blue, they’re having a baby brother




21 going on 22 weeks

Size: They say baby boy is around the size of a banana this week, which totally cracks me up that they always compare the baby’s size to fruit.

Symptoms: I thought pregnancy with one baby would be SO much easier than carrying twins, which honestly wasn’t so bad for me. But my body never really bounced back from carrying almost 13 pounds of baby, which means I don’t have the support I once had.  I’ve been experiencing rather intense lower abdominal pain, especially after standing for any length of time, which was concerning considering I have a long way to go!  I’m so thankful my doctor pointed me to a natural, holistic approach to finding relief – I’ve started seeing a chiropractor which has noticeably helped with the aches and pains. I’m sharing this because if you’re pregnant and experiencing discomfort, it doesn’t have to be ‘just the way it is’ and I hope you’ll look into this option earlier than I did!

The bump is taking shape and, just like last time, is becoming a torpedo belly.  I carry quite narrow, but straight out!  A few weeks ago, the girls were asking daily if the baby was ready to be born, so I put one of their soccer balls in my shirt & said, “Mommy’s belly is going to get this big before the baby can be born.” …Now Zo tells me my belly already looks like I have a soccer ball in there – that’s my ZoZo telling it like it is!

Baby boy is bouncing off the walls in there! I don’t know if we have a really energetic one or if he’s just enjoying having so much room – maybe this is what it’s like with just one.

Big sisters: I told the girls that he can hear them now, so they often sing lullabies to him, typically “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which if you’ve been following along, ‘Twinkle Star’ has been his nickname for the past couple months until we found out the gender.


Thanks for letting me share such a special time in our lives!



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