Valentine’s Day Party with a Purpose: Sharing the Love

I happen to love Valentines Day.  I LOVE love and the reminder to set time aside to show those we love the most. Of course, it’s easy to show our children how much we love them, but are we teaching them how to love others?  There are two things that 3-5 year olds totally understand: 1) Superheros and 2) wanting to feel loved. I’m a sucker for the children in children’s hospitals and their parents, and it was easy to explain that there are children in hospitals that have real battles that they bravely fight every day, which makes them REAL Superheroes… and we want them to know they’re not alone & they are loved.  We’re so thankful to Henri’s Bakery for hosting us and their ah-maz-ing treats.  Keep scrolling to find out what they were and see all the love-ly details and a couple free downloads at the end!

Don’t tell anyone… I pulled this off in 4 days… largely in part due to Paperless Post, which is my go-to for beautifully designed, customizable online invitations.  Pretty sure this step (which is pretty crucial – there’s no party without guests) took a total of 10 minutes.

To be sure everyone was in the spirit, we started out with fun place settings for each child and of course just a little sugar.


The good thing about children is that sometimes the simplest things are the best things, so I didn’t overthink it with the drinks – the juice boxes were huge crowd pleasers.

Yes, those are candy bracelets holding the napkins!



These shortbread cookies were the perfect treat for the occasion because they’re not messy like traditionally having cupcakes & I knew we didn’t need sticky fingers for our craft we were about to make.  Did I mention how good they were?! We literally had to go buy an extra dozen.

The only thing I pre-made were the backs of the badges, which you can just print on cardstock, cut out with a 3.5″ circle punch, and glue a pin to the top.
Oh, and I pre-cut the strips of ribbon as well, easy-peasy.


Cupcake liners in order from large to small to keep it easy for the little ones to just go down the line and choose one color at a time.


We have the exclusive download for this version of the Love Never Fails print here!


This is the original print and was given to all the moms who took the time to bring their children to our little get together.  à la Sparke has the free download, along with a couple Valentine cards too!


You might wonder how it went when I told these 10 children (a few not pictured) what we were about to make was for other little boys and girls and not them, that we would have some push back… not a single one. All we heard were lots of questions about these little heroes & how they hoped the children would love what they made for them.
* “Love Never Fails print design by: LovedBabyDesigns

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