A Testament to the TWO SHADES

I should have started doing this a long time ago.  They’ve been saying “Aw man!” and “No way!” since they were 18 months old; but lately, they have really been cracking us up, and when people ask what they can say now, there is nothing they can’t say!  I absolutely adore them coming into their own, so I just had to write these down and save them!

For those of you who know them (or think you do), see if you know who said what!

  1. Climbing through the jungle gym to find the slide, to a total stranger: “Hey boy, help me.” 
  2. Only to me… almost every day: “I will always be your angel.”
  3. When she accidentally hurts someone: “I am so very sorry.” If it’s on purpose, good luck getting an apology.
  4. “I’m a big giiiirrl ( beeg grrrr)!
  5. “That is so sweet of you to share!”
  6. When you say, ‘What’s up?’ or What cha doing?’: “I’m just here.”
  7. “You’re a good friend, Mommy.”
  8. Affectionately to her daddy, or anytime she sees him, really: “Daddy’s a big boy!”
  9. If I get upset (even if I’m not crying): “Want me to wipe your tears?”
  10. “It’s ok… I’m right here.”
  11. “I’m workin’ on it Mom”
  12. She likes to smell things & say: “Mmm… That smells delicious (da-wish-ous)!” it can be a flower, food or a piece of paper
  13. Whether you’ve offered help or not: “I do by self.” yes, by self
  14. “What cha doin’ Dad?!”
  15. EVERY time the wind blows: “My haircut’s gonna blow away!”
  16. Anytime something is shocking or exciting: “O. MY!”
  17. “Mommy told you not to do that! You better listen to Mommy!”
Answers below…

 1. Zo 2. KR 3. KR 4. Zo 5. KR 6. Zo 7. Both 8. Zo 9. KR 10. KR 11. Zo 12. KR 13. Zo 14. Zo 15. Zo 16. KR 17. KR

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  1. Aaannd… I just told the girls that if they ate a good dinner, we could put our 'piggies' (toes) in the hot tub. Kara Rose responds, "O MY! That is such a great idea Mommy!!"

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