Two Shades of Pink Birthday Party

So The Kraze’s 2nd birthday party was a week ago and I’m so anxious to see those photos!  I can. not. wait. In order to keep myself from stalking our photographer (who said I should have them this week, so stay tuned), I decided to do a little reminiscing of the 1st birthday party.

Much like the name of this blog, the theme for their first birthday party was ‘Two Shades of Pink’.  There was so much significance put on this FIRST birthday party.  To all you haters who think, “They won’t remember it.  It’s more for you than for them.” Boo-ya!  One day, they will see these photos and (hopefully) think I was AWESOME!  They will see the effort and hard work put in.  They will see all the people that showed up because they love them. Ok, and I love to plan parties!




See below for tutorial – easy!

We’re so blessed to live in an AH-mazing neighborhood with a great park within walking distance.  We reserved the pavilion, which also happens to be pretty awesome! The party was set up around the three-sided fireplace in the middle of the pavilion.  That’s right – no standard rectangle of a roof with just a bunch of picnic table sitting underneath!


Everyone took their mason jars home and filled their bags with sweet goodness to their heart’s desire for party favors!
*Notice the straws in two shades of pink!
Note about tablecloths… If you plan to host more than one party, you should buy, not rent – way more cost effective!


Balloons in two shades of pink… catching on?!


These were the letters we used for each cake at our reveal party – it’s those special touches people.
Maybe I’ll go back even further in time to recap this special event?!
                                             Baby A                                                              Baby B



A kiss after her birthday song!
Although they share a birthday, we feel they deserve their own birthday song, so we’ve made the tradition of singing to them individually.  Naturally, big sister goes first!


One banner made of ovals & the other of penants – We don’t match, we go!
First taste!
We gave them a few bites of sweets over the couple weeks leading up to their party, so they wouldn’t be completely surprised by the sweetness! They liked it!



Kara Rose REALLY liked it!
Someone stuck the ‘1’ cookies in the demolished smash cakes!

After clean up, we stepped away for a few family photos!



A year later, my little ZoZo still loves the camera!


Just look at those chubby cheeks and, as Zach would call them, her ‘wrinkle bracelets’!



Aren’t we a fun bunch?!
We’ve gone back & forth on whether to open their presents during their parties in the future.  When you see the pics from this years party, you’ll see we decided to do it again after several comments from guests saying they didn’t like it when the kids didn’t open their presents because they wanted to see how they liked their gift and what all they got.
What are your thoughts?
Aaaand like any 1 year old, Kara Rose is eating her package in the background.


Clapping for a super successful first birthday party!  We are so very blessed with such loving, giving friends!


‘My First Birthday’ onesies – Mudpie
Boots – Frye
Cake: Sweet N’ Sinful – Decatur, GA
Plates, napkins, plasticware, balloons – Party City
Favorite Things Chalkboards: Etsy – MoulageCollection
Photographer: Friend, Victoria Hurst

A & B letters Future Post
Burlap & doily backdrop – Pretty self explanatory, but let me know if you want more deets!
*Cake Stand – My seriously awesome, hard-working, loyal & loving husband and dad cut this from a stump we took from a historic tree that had to be cut down in our neighborhood. I wish I could link to them here, bc this was no easy task!
Mason jar drinking cups – Maybe I’ll share my secrets in a future post?
Mason jar glitter vases Future Post
Cupcake Liner Pom Pom click for tutorial
Rose Pom Ball – All I’m going to say is this takes much longer than the cupcake liners!
‘I’m One’ banners Future Post

Mini ham & cheese sandwiches
Trader Joe’s Salt & Pepper chips – Dollar Tree brown paper bags cut with the top half cut off w/scalloped scissors (again, it’s the little things)
Princess Punch

Sweets/Favor Table:
Metallic gumballs
Rock candy
Frosted ‘1’ cookies

Cream cheese mints: Michaels – rose mold
–       1 box powdered sugar
–       3 oz. cream cheese
–       1 T butter
–       1 T water
–       12 drops flavoring



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