30 More Years Please!

As I had Zach, my husband, proofread my first blog post, he said, “O no… don’t write about me… leave me out of it!”  We’re also talking about the person that would literally be angry if I told the waiter at the restaurant it was his birthday… “Just another day” he says. 
Well, sorry love… it’s not just another day to me.  If it weren’t for this day 30 years ago, I would not be who I am today & would most definitely not have the joy within me that gives me purpose.
I wrote Zach a letter and snuck it into his carry-on before he left today, because a card just wasn’t enough this year.  I thought I’d share a bit of it here – not to be sappy (from someone who does not partake in PDA – just sayin’) so don’t roll your eyes or gag for that matter – but to celebrate love. It’s something worth celebrating! So I am celebrating… our love and you my love…
First, you are loved… beyond measure.  Literally, there is no way to count or weigh my love for you and what you mean to our little family.  Life is hard, but it’s on our toughest days that I want you to know how loved you are.  Yes, we count on you, but that’s not meant to put pressure on you – it’s because you’re worth counting on.  You have 3 girls in your corner who believe in you.  Not everyone has that.
Second, thank you for loving me.  I know in the midst of the daily demands, I fall under pressure and am not the epitome of a loving, patient, supportive, optimistic wife, but please know I want to be… all the time.  I am so humbled in thankfulness when I try to take in how much you love and accept me anyway.
All that said, I want to take this moment (your birthday) to celebrate you.                                        You have graced this world for 30 now and it’s a better place for it…                                                You have blessed my life for over 10 years now & I am better for it.  When I think about the way we went from being two kids in love to becoming a family, I just love this life we’ve created together! 

Circa 2006 – One day I WILL find a photo from the beginning – 12/2003
12.3.08 – Once Like A Spark Photography
9.12.09 – Robby Followell Fotography
2012 – 6 months pregnant with our girls – Basically had to include my oldest child, Diesel
10.23.2013 – Once like A Spark Photography

You are an amazing Daddy – Man! Those little girls are definitely better because of you!  Especially if they get your sense of humor! 😉 They get to see what true love is because of what we have – it’s good for them to see us struggle, to watch how we persevere. 

Today is for you – a really awesome person – for the things you’ve done & what’s still to come – for how hard you work & how much you care – for all that you are & all that you do… “I love you through and through”.

Love always,
Your wife
Here’s to the next 30 years together… God only knows what my letter will say then, but I know it’ll be an amazing story with a happy ending!

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