First Blog Post… Ever!

I’ve wanted to start my blog for the better part of a year now… then decided my goal was by my twin girls’ 1st birthday.  Well, that came and went and now they’re 15 months!  Why has it taken me so long?!  This will probably reveal a bit about my personality right off the bat, but I have literally fretted over every detail from what the title should be, how do I want it to look, what will my focus be, how transparent am I willing to be, what day should I publish my first post (like anyone cares if my first post was on the girls’ birthday or on New Years Day or Valentines Day)… All I do know is I don’t just want this to be an extension of Facebook filled with posts turned to novels.  So goes my journey to how I got here…

Right around their birthday, I came up with the perfect name for my blog… it was already taken!!  Back to the drawing board – after brainstorming for a few more months, I called my sweet husband at work one day and said, “I want to start my blog NOW, but I can’t until I come up with a name, so here are all my ideas… This is originally what I wanted but that’s taken, so I decided to go in this direction, but nothing’s hitting home with me!”  He so casually says, “Why don’t you just combine the two?”  WHAT?!  It was THAT easy for him?!  Why did I try to do this alone in the first place!?  All I can say is, I’m not in this thing called life alone for a reason – he (along with my two girls) is my everything… I’m sure more will come about him later.
So I’ve mentioned I have twin girls; they’re fraternal – they are Kara Rose & Zoe.  As a unit, we call them The KR&Z /The Kraze/.  We are so blessed to be witness to these two shades that, together, make up this crazy/beautiful frenzy. I must stop before I even get started… I could go on for days (or pages).
I’ve wished for an outlet to share what’s on my heart & mind (whether it’s to vent about life as a mom of twins or just a fun craft project) for quite some time now.  As I was once told, if you don’t know where to start, start anywhere!  So now that I (we’ve) come up with the perfect name and a design I can live with until I figure out something better (Any help here?! It needs to be free), here we go!
Topics may (and probably will) include:
  • I am Mommy to two amazing girls, who doesn’t take my role lightly
  • I am the extremely happy wife to my soulmate & husband, Zach
  • I have a 3rd child who is a 175lbs Great Dane named Diesel
  • I am a follower of Christ who sincerely believes I am no better, I am just forgiven, although I try – I really do.
  • I love all things DIY – that’s what two girls and not a lot of money will do for you!
  • Sarcasm & humor are my go-tos in good times & bad
  • I’m an extremely empathetic person & cry easily… very easily
  • Someone who expects more from others because I’d be willing to do that much for them.
  • I strive to be real & want those around me to feel comfortable to do so themselves – “If you’re shady, just say ‘I’m shady’ and that’s fine!” – Lauren Conrad

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